What are the best companies to sell for doing extremely well? Each year, Selling Power determines the 50 Best Companies to Sell for based on rankings, and the latest list from 2022 brings new insights into the world of sales. Companies of all sizes are considered, and many aspects of the company culture are evaluated, including:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Sales Training and coaching
  • Sales onboarding and enablement
  • Efforts on diversity and inclusion (new in 2022)

The businesses featured have “strong sales organizations that would maximize the success and performance of any salesperson,” and the list can be used to match a seller’s strengths and goals to the right organization. The right salespeople at the right organization, along with the right incentives in place, can truly thrive.

We are particularly intrigued with how the top companies are rewarding and engaging their sales teams to meet their goals. The top 5 companies listed indicate a focus on comprehensive training of their sales teams as a part of their strategy to motivate them to meet their goals. Training doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming, though. Microlearning –  can be an effective way to provide product refreshers without taking time away from prospecting and nurturing leads.

Speaking of lead nurturing, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself and retain these employees is to invest in their efforts to make the sale (setting up meetings with prospects, connecting on LinkedIn, etc.). Providing non-monetary rewards not only for just obtaining the sale but all the steps leading up to it, encourages your sales team to continue to grow and thrive.

Many companies consistently recognize their top-performing salespeople, which is a missed opportunity. We recently worked with a client to revamp their rule structure to recognize those who exceeded quota yet barely missed the trip qualifications. This included implementing the right sales incentives to recognize both the top and middle-tiered salespeople for their efforts.

Every organization on the list strives to ensure its sales force has the tools they need to be successful. If you want your organization to rank high on this list, you’ll need to build a strong culture of training, collaboration, diversity & inclusion, appreciation, recognition, and of course, rewards

Let’s inspire your sales team with incentives to help them thrive.