Once your incentive program is all setup, it’s action time! One of the first things your audience will ask is, “How do I enroll?” This is why the program announcement is a critical part of your communications plan to ensure you get maximum program enrollment. Make sure messaging will tell people where to go and what to do to start working toward their incentives. Plus, give them reasons to get started! Here, we share three easy ways to nail your communication and fuel your rewards program enrollment:

1. Outline clear action steps to participate.

As you start promoting the program, be clear about the action you want your audience to take. For example, do you want people to go to a website to sign up? Should they download an app to enroll or will they receive an email to opt in? Whatever the case, include a strong call-to-action message in your announcement that conveys that first important part. Make it as simple as possible to get started on the right foot.

Once they’re set up on the platform, outline any additional steps to complete their enrollment in a quick-hitting, concise manner. For instance, give them steps to follow that are clear and easy to understand: Step 1… Step 2… Step 3.

2. Spread the word and drive to a central hub.

Another key part of announcing your rewards program is creating messaging across multiple touchpoints – to impact a broader audience. Consider using email, printed flyers and posters, social media, and live meetings. All these tactics working in tandem will ensure that you’re communicating to, and attracting, the most participants possible.

No matter how many tactics are included in your announcement plan, drive them all to one place. This can be a program website or a central spot on your organization’s intranet. Doing this provides a single source of information where you can easily control your messaging and update any program details as needed. Plus, sending everyone to the same place simplifies your program execution.

3. Make it easy to keep them coming back.

Once you have a home-based content hub or website for your rewards program, you can use it for more than just enrollment. By making it interactive, you give your audience reasons to keep coming back. This, in turn, helps keep your rewards program top of mind for participants.

Some ideas to engage your audience include posting regular updates, sharing team photos or videos, providing tips for success, and sharing participant rankings to spark some friendly competition.

When a worldwide gaming, hotel, and resort client engaged us to create an incentive initiative, they announced the program live during a large sales meeting. They also directed their audience to a digital rewards platform to enroll. After enrollment, participants could come back any time to explore news about the rewards initiative, view the latest leaderboard standings, discover program enhancements, and check out individual and team achievements. Using email, participants were regularly reminded to return to the platform to see what was happening. Their results showed a rise in engagement rates and proved that interactivity and engagement truly make a difference.

We have helped hundreds of clients get their incentive programs off to a powerful start, like a program that achieved 85% engagement only 30 days post-launch. From executing an incentive program to creating an exciting company-wide event, we’ll collaborate and make your next program the most rewarding it can be, for everyone you want to inspire.

Maximize program enrollment!