About The Client

Our client partner is a major beverage retailer operating in 60 countries, with approximately 9,405 company-operated stores and 8,661 licensed stores.

The Challenge

Our client’s goal was to bring together store managers with the corporate executive team to communicate key business initiatives and guiding principles, while fostering connections through team building and community service events.

We were engaged to design and support a registration website, manage the participant room blocks, handle airline ticketing, credential production, and manage 8,200 attendees onsite. This included:

  • Flying over 8,000 partners to Seattle despite limited air accessibility.
  • Creating personalized agendas for each partner.
  • Managing the more than 33 hotels that housed the partners.
  • Providing online registration and attendee management of 76 breakout sessions, including waitlists for sessions.
  • Empowering our client to connect with its partners through one unified message that would reinforce its guiding principles.

The Solution

We leveraged our experience and technology solutions to manage a participant count that would be daunting to some. By building a custom registration website with the use of CreativeEDGE®, our attendee management technology, we were able to not only effectively manage the event logistics, but ensure accuracy and drive savings as well.

Our negotiating skills saved the client 21% in air ticketing costs, while our staff leveraged our technology to effectively manage hotel attrition and penalties. Seamless integration of all registrant information into our airline reservation system ensured accuracy in ticketing, another cost saver.

We also provided attendee tracking technology so that onsite security personnel knew the whereabouts of all participants at any given time. Being able to manage breakout sessions effectively ensured ideal attendance levels and a receptive environment for the client’s message. In the words of one client executive, “For the first time, we were so confident in the company handling the logistics, that we were able to focus on our message.”

The Outcome

The bottom-line result was the effective delivery of a unified corporate message, thousands of motivated attendees, and ultimately, an increase in total sales.

The meeting earned the prestigious Global Paragon Award from Meeting Professionals International – one of only two awarded annually to recognize the world’s most exceptional meetings that deliver measurable success to an organization’s bottom line. MPI GPA winners are examples of best practices for the industry, showing how vision and purpose can come together in a seamless package, executed by talented, passionate, hard-working teams.

In our clients’ words: “We want to thank you for the direct role you played in the success of the Global Leadership Conference. Perhaps most importantly, we want to thank you for your ongoing partnership in helping us connect with (our) partners from around the world and in providing them with truly legendary experiences.”

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