About The Client

Our client is a young and rapidly growing mobile game development company that looked to Creative Group to create an unforgettable all-employee meeting designed to introduce, engage and unify its fledgling workforce.

The Challenge

The two main program objectives were to bring together a growing and diverse company for connecting and networking and to celebrate a successful year.

With 150 people and 30 nationalities from offices all over the world, a strong emphasis was placed on building connections among colleagues and simply getting to know one other. As a young company, the desire for networking was top of mind for this millennial group. From the receptionist to the CEO, everyone from the organization was invited to partake in the festivities.

Our understanding of generational interests gave us the ability to develop an agenda tailored for an active, young, social crowd. The goal was to generate camaraderie and “unplug” from technology by offering a number of customized, action-orientated activities.

The Solution

Creative Group’s recommendation was a dual-destination trip that included a rustic New Jersey resort and New York City – a convenient location for international travelers.

Personalized Adventure

A secluded resort in the mountains of New Jersey provided an unspoiled retreat to connect with co-workers and tap into their adventurous side. Buying out the resort provided exclusivity and its great outdoor space was well-suited for activities. The main activity, Amazing Race, was perfect for this athletic and intellectual group as they spent a day solving puzzles and completing obstacles while creating bonds. Each morning, we offered personalized activities to energize the group, including outdoor hikes, runs and yoga sessions. To further delight the employees and make flight departures easier, we concluded the program on a cosmopolitan note in New York City. We created customized tours to satisfy an array of interests, for history buffs, artists, foodies, and adventurers alike. .


We helped our client balance business meetings with varied team building activities. Daily meeting sessions featured lounge furniture at every function, promoting comfortable and casual conversation. We designed a unique hospitality suite, offering snacks and beverages, to create a popular gathering place during regular breaks. Recognizing the importance of presenting different types of networking/team building events created something for everyone. A mix of “speed networking” as well as more in-depth activities reinforced the newly formed relationships.

The Outcome

Mission accomplished. The feeling of camaraderie resonated throughout the entire group as if they had been working together for 20 years. They left the meeting feeling connected to their colleagues, both in their home office and offices across the globe. The more reserved participants felt there was a good balance between mandatory and voluntary events and the socialites felt there were ample opportunities to mingle and chat.

Overall, 90% of the participants had something positive to say about the experience:

“The best meeting we’ve ever had!”

“From a teambuilding perspective, the trip was perfect”

“Tons of engaging and fun activities, each activity with a new group. Very cool!”

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Connecting to the Audience

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