About The Client

Our client partner is one of the world’s largest biotech companies pioneering the development and delivery of transformative therapies.

The Challenge

We were tasked with designing a meeting in Eastern Europe for attendees from other parts of Europe and Asia – all of varying time zones, and who spoke different languages.

A critical top priority was executing flawlessly while making the potential logistical challenges of a global audience come together seamlessly.

The Solution

With our vast experience managing global meetings, and with a clear, concise understanding of the business objectives, our team went to work, guiding the client through the intricacies of international meeting management.

Sourcing was an important consideration. Buying hotel and meeting space in Europe is different than in the U.S., taking into consideration elements such as exchange rate variance, EU room rate inclusions, Value Added Tax or VAT implications, and differences in hotel star ratings – important for ensuring the appropriate caliber of hotels were being sourced for an HCP (Healthcare Professional) program. After thorough research and negotiation, all cost and compliance requirements were met appropriately. Managing to the participants’ home-country food & beverage spend parameters was also a critical focus.

In order to provide flawless service to the participants, the registration website was customized for the global audience. Among the notable attributes were language translation and information checkpoints to ensure global entry requirements were communicated and verified. With the project being managed from the U.S., adjustments were made to our hours of operation to provide the utmost in customer care for those calling or emailing from their local time zone.

We also provided language translation support for airport meet-and-greet staff, hospitality desk and transportation personnel.

The Outcome

As defined by the client’s measurement metrics, the program was a huge success. The internal team was thrilled with the valuable information received during the exchange of feedback and learning with these key international customers.

Participant feedback was outstanding regarding the exceptional care they received at every touch point.

Based on survey feedback, the attendees expressed a deeper level of connection with the client company and the program set the tone for a series of future meetings successfully hosted in Europe and other international destinations.

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Creating a Seamless Global Experience

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