About The Client

Our client is a multinational conglomerate that serves diverse global market segments with a broad range of infrastructure, business products, and technology-related services and solutions aimed at benefiting both customers and society. We have been supporting their programs for 17 years.

The Challenge

Our high-tech client held an incentive travel program at the Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico. To support core brand initiatives, one of their goals was to contribute to the local culture and economy, so sourcing local providers was top of mind. When  considering nightly room gifts, they needed to be rewarding, unique, and easy to pack for return flights home. It had to be  exclusive and memorable merchandise that would act as anchor, reminding participants of the trip and building inspiration for future sales success. Evening events needed to include a stunning décor palate — one that evoked local color, feel, and flair, while staying within budget.

The Solution

We sourced handmade room gifts from local artists and businesses. Each had a beautifully designed, program-themed gift tag that explained the piece, the artist who made it, and the purchase’s positive impact on the community. Evening event décor was sourced by local craftsmen and weavers who designed and installed the evocative, stunning environments. The Huichol Indian community contributed their weaving and macramé skills to create every detail of the welcome reception, and a family business based in Guadalajara, produced all the brightly colored “Acapulco” furniture used at the final night fiesta.

The Outcome

The resulting efforts of sourcing locally produced visually stunning, immersive reception environments that both engaged participants and financially benefited local artisans. The top incentive achievers were rewarded with culturally rich, authentic experiences customized just for them. Gifts were thoughtfully curated and reflective of Mexico. By sourcing locally, impressive cost savings were garnered and logistical costs surrounding shipping and storage were avoided. Finally, participants walked away feeling rewarded and charitable toward their company for its ability to employ and enrich the local community and its culture.

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Sourcing Locally

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