About The Client

Our client is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious and life-threatening medical conditions.

The Challenge

We developed a meeting thematic and program that would launch a new division to inspire imaginative thinking and promote team building. Different from a typical product launch that focuses mainly on customers and product features, this division launch needed to be ALL ABOUT THE TEAM. With brand new faces meeting for the first time collectively, the opportunity for collaboration had to be capitalized on. The theme “Create Something Great” helped set the tone and lay the foundation to focus on individual talents and build a team brand.

The Solution

Launching a new division meant doing things differently and creating ways to connect, interact and build a common vision together. The objectives of the meeting included open communication, creativity, team building and a community giveback.

Open Communication
Formality was tossed aside in favor of a more casual approach. The General Session room was set with swivel chairs instead of a standard conference room set-up and this strategy allowed for ideas to be shared more openly and helped to drive thoughtful discussion.

To demonstrate the meeting theme, attendees were invited to “Create Something Great” of their own. Kiosks were set up for the team members to design a Timbuk2 messenger bag or backpack to take home with them.

Team building
Team members shared their personal interests and hobbies with interactive team building activities that encouraged networking and camaraderie.

Community Giveback
The Dream Foundation is an organization that grants wishes to adults battling terminal illnesses. Creativity and teamwork were the center of the day as participants manufactured Dream Foundation kits for the receiving families.

The Outcome

A new division with a sense of team was born. Having bonded over team building activities and community initiatives, this group left the launch meeting feeling renewed in the company vision and values, and connected to one another. This new team was given time and space to learn and grow, and the meeting objectives were met.  As a new division, they were inspired and excited about forging into new endeavors together.

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Launching a New Division

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