About The Client

Our client partner is a national food-service home delivery provider that engaged Creative Group to create a new sales recognition platform for the purpose of increasing sales of the company’s many home delivery representatives.

The Challenge

Our client was looking for a sales recognition program aimed at increasing route driver sales and improving safety while also meeting pre-set customer service metrics. An earlier program had been in place for many years with another partner and they selected Creative Group to create a new, flexible reward and recognition platform that offered enhanced reward options for their sales delivery representatives. Our client felt the previous program was too rigid and not customized enough in the way of reward offerings.

An additional challenge was that the participants – on the road most of the day – did not have company email as a mode of communication. Therefore, creativity was required to find affordable ways to communicate with an audience of up to 5,000.

The Solution

Our client’s previous program had limited reward redemption offerings that were grouped into categories. For example, if a winner wanted to redeem a television from the “electronics package” they were required to take all the additional items in that package, assuming enough points were earned for the total package.

To satisfy the need for increased flexibility and more personalized reward offerings, our platform was designed around a merchandise catalog where hundreds of individual items were made available, providing a more customized experience. In addition to a wide array of merchandise, participants could choose from travel packages and “do-it-yourself” travel options, or jewelry. (It was a long-standing tradition within the organization to offer Chairman’s Club diamond rings and watches.)


The sales team – route delivery representatives – did not have access to a company email. A number of creative ideas were presented to the client to improve communication of the program while also aligning with budget parameters. A program website was designed to allow the sales team access to the program via mobile devices anywhere, 24/7. The website communicated important program information, including an electronic merchandise catalog and an online redemption portal.

Due to the cost of mailing directly to the participant’s home, Creative Group looked to less traditional methods. Our client has many food “depots” across the country where sales delivery representatives meet face-to-face regularly and those locations were leveraged to hype the program with posters and floor decals. With program participants in their trucks most of the day, themed air fresheners and window decals provided other affordable ways to keep the program top of mind.

The Outcome

The program was very well received by participants – with much greater satisfaction scores for reward redemption options – and key stakeholders were thrilled to have exceeded the corporate target goals for sales, safety, and customer service.

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