About The Client

Our client is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious and life-threatening medical conditions.

The Challenge

The Plan of Action (POA) program is our client’s internal company meeting to review the measurement of goals and achievements from the current fiscal year while also setting the tone for the upcoming year. With our client’s objectives in mind, we created the meeting theme Think Outside because it carried dual messages, both literal and figurative. We recommended ideas on how the group could use their time outside for meetings and activities, as well as a way to motivate them to “think outside the box.”

The Solution

The Mile High City proved to be a naturally beautiful backdrop to cultivate personal well-being and innovative thinking. Denver, Colorado offered not only unique venues but also ample opportunities to explore nature and bond with team members.

To kick off the week on the right foot, or in this case, hiking boot, the Welcome Reception was designed to bring the outdoors in. The “Glamping” (glamorous camping) theme served as a salute to Denver’s active culture and scenic camping and hiking trails. Local forest rangers greeted the group upon arrival as they entered into twinkling lights hanging from above the bushes and trees. No camping trip would be complete without a full s’mores bar for dessert.

General Session
With Denver’s 300 days of sunshine, the short walk to a local community theater each morning allowed the group to arrive at the General Session revitalized and ready to start the day. The intimate atmosphere of the theater assisted in creating an engaging environment for the attendees to connect with each other and with leadership.

Think Outside – And on Your Feet
Well-being activities and team building events were organized allowing participants to take advantage of the natural scenery that Denver and its neighboring areas have to offer. Some people went mountain biking or hiked local trails, while others opted to participate in an activity on the rooftop of the Denver Athletic Club. Involvement with the local youth at the Boys and Girls Club was also an opportunity provided.

The Outcome

At the culmination of the program, a surprise event was held at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The group basked in the surrounding red rock formations and enjoyed the amphitheater’s excellent acoustics while being treated to a performance by Lionel Richie.

Participants in this Plan of Action meeting were not only called upon to discuss the progression of their company but also to encourage movement in their own lives. The attendees valued personal interactions with their peers as well as the ability to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. The results of a post-program survey indicated that over 90% of the participants rated the meeting as good or excellent.

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Think Outside

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