About The Client

Our client partner is a 125+ year old healthcare company that aims to inspire innovation and empower individuals to live long healthy lives. Creative Group has partnered with this client and its multiple divisions on global clinical research meetings, sales meetings, field services meetings and incentive trips. The over 20 year relationship has proven Creative Group to be a trusted advisor and partner providing insight and recommendations to elevate our client’s meetings.

The Challenge

Two divisions of our client’s company had received feedback indicating low levels of engagement and satisfaction related to the content and structure of each of its sales meetings. Post-program survey results showed the influence on attendee engagement was lackluster regardless of the size of the budget.

The goal for us was to make recommendations in the budget that would allow for more purposeful activities, thereby creating deeper engagement for the participants.

The Solution

Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles, California, were the chosen destinations because they offered opportunities to both wow attendees and breathe fresh air into the two meetings.

For the LA program, we reduced the ground transportation budget and cut the program short by one day to allow for entertainment and celebration. To generate excitement, a popular comedian hosted a custom designed game based on a well-known TV quiz show and incorporated meeting content.

Unlike previous meetings, this time the emphasis on creating room for celebration was the focus. For the closing evening, an extravagant awards gala was planned at Paramount Pictures, featuring another famous stand-up comedian as the emcee.

In Lake Tahoe, an emphasis on wellness was central to the theme. This destination was chosen for its casual style and its natural beauty. We collaborated with the client to optimize the meeting agenda, ensuring half day activities for participants, such as snowboarding, spa treatments, and snowshoeing.

Some of the meeting content was delivered in outdoor venues and that, coupled with free time for activities, allowed participants to recharge their batteries and take in much of the effortless majesty presented in Lake Tahoe.

The Outcome

The attendees were happier with the shortened or altered programs and felt the content was more relevant and engaging. Not only were the meetings successful, but the post-program attendee evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Attendees said:

“Good flow and pace. The free time really provided an opportunity to relax and re-charge for the final stretch. I did not feel exhausted when I left the meeting as I typically have felt in the past.”

“This year’s meeting was, in my opinion, one of the best ones we’ve had. Maybe because of the format, the free night or the free activities day. It was a well-planned out meeting.”

“Overall, I believe this was the most positive and informative sales meeting that we have had in years. I came away positive and refreshed and with a renewed reason to believe. Great meeting!”

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