About The Client

Our client is a leading provider of global corporate travel management services and listed in the Top 10 on the Travel Weekly Power List.

The Challenge

Creative Group was challenged with creating an incentive program that would motivate our client’s sales team, not just to reach their established sales goals, but to do so while following specific steps to the sale – actions that have proven to be successful.

The Solution

In our first discovery meeting, we worked together to create a Behavior Map that outlined all the steps that lead to a sale. We then associated a corresponding behavior to each of the sales steps and assessed which of the practices the salespeople were doing well, and which were areas for improvement. This analysis became our starting point for designing the overall program.

The program was created to reward both sales performance and associated behaviors. The sales team was given both a quarterly and an annual sales goal, which provided participants with multiple ways to earn, and it delivered more immediate feedback on performance during the 12-month program.

In addition, participants were rewarded for following the prescribed “steps to the sale” created during the Behavior Mapping exercise. Some of these steps included using their sales tracking technology, attending networking events, and following up on referrals in their CRM platform. Participants were rewarded with “points” redeemable for merchandise and individual travel awards.

The Outcome

The program launched in late 2018 and achieved almost 100% engagement in 60 days, as measured by interaction with the program website. Based on early results, our client was so pleased that they are now looking to expand it to their Canadian sales force, as well.

Our client stated:

“Our sales numbers were up Y/Y for Q1 and I attribute that to the program allowing us to see and track progress, and record better documentation on prospecting in Salesforce, etc. I love the creative design of the website and all the positive feedback I am getting from my team.”

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The Right Motivation + The Right Rewards = Sales Success!

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