Channel Loyalty

Strengthen your alliances. Create more mindshare. If you want to build lifelong loyalty and advocacy with aligned channel partner incentives, AMPWorks® is for you.

Channel Partner Incentive Programs Done Right

Our modern business environment has extraordinary new challenges, making channel management even more complex. As partner ecosystems shift, helping your channel partners, dealers, distributors, brokers, or agents thrive requires extra care and review. Buyers are more informed today and there are often more roles engaged in the sales process. Conversations are moving away from talking about features and benefits; now, a consultative relationship carries more weight. Non-sales behaviors and steps-to-the-sale can often be just as important as direct selling behaviors. 

Loyalty programs can directly influence the willingness, interest, and energy of your channel partners to sell and support your products and services, increasing your competitive advantage. With incentives, SPIFFs, training, and gamification, building loyalty means connecting emotionally to your audience and promoting today’s business behaviors. Well-designed loyalty programs enhance business intelligence — providing down-channel data while increasing recency and frequency. Organizations garner more information about who is buying their products and services, and how they’re using them.

Programs with points and incentive travel offerings produce 3x the performance lift as the same value in cash.

To Design Programs, We Collaborate with the People Who Know Best – You and Your Team

Strengthen channel loyalty and performance with the right communications, the best rewards, and the most engaging user experience. Our motto: Keep it simple and make it hassle-free. From driving incremental sales to establishing a consistent brand experience, we can help your channel partners promote their business and yours.

Across industries, costs are up, and supply chain disruptions continue to exist, along with labor shortages. And, competition for the attention of your channel partners is fierce. Together, we can develop programs that help your channel partners address their needs, and at the same time promote and meet your business objectives, delivering a meaningful ROI for all.

See AMPWorks in Action

“The incentive awards have become so successful as motivators that each year our customers consult with us to understand their goals and what they must do to maximize their rewards and recognition among their peers. In each of the last 7 years targeted business qualifying for the program has grown more than the general business.”

G.S., VP, Marketing

“We have been receiving great feedback from the dealer sales force all year long about the [program]. With new incentive support from Creative Group, the “customer experience” has significantly been upgraded for the dealer participants. It’s amazing the positive impact the new program has had on the reputation of our brand, the support staff, and the loyalty of the dealer sales people.”

J.C., Director Customer Experience, Strategy and Integration

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