Our customizable, cloud-based platform is built to align with your business requirements, objectives, and resources. It is designed to drive results in three core disciplines:

  • Sales Optimization & Motivation
  • Channel Loyalty & Engagement
  • Employee Recognition & Engagement

Our industry-leading technology offers scalability, flexibility, and security. From targeting and segmenting a specific audience to social media capabilities, our platform delivers results.

Almost 90% of large businesses report having technology in place to support their incentives and reward programs, according to the Incentive Research Foundation.

Our technology not only allows you to create a “performance” program for your participants, but it also lets you to establish an “engagement” program that makes an emotional connection to your brand on an ongoing basis — creating brand advocates.

Designed from the start to work best on a mobile platform and benchmarked against consumer applications, our engagement layer can provide offers and specific lifestyle messaging for each program and group of participants. From ongoing product and company updates to educational tools and standings; users are given the information they need to succeed. Your program becomes a direct, personalized communication channel – one that people will want to utilize.

We focus on your needs vs. “pre-designed” rules templates and create the right, custom program for you — and your participants.

Our clients have consistent feedback regarding our solutions – seamlessness, intuitiveness, and simplicity. Here’s one example of what they are saying:

“I just went through everything….registration was quick and simple. The whole site is so intuitive. People have no idea how hard it is to take something as complicated as this and make it so easy for the users. Great job….”

– A senior-level executive at a manufacturing company with a sales incentive program

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