How can we add hygge to events and meetings?

By Gretchen Yetzbacher, Program Manager, Creative Group

Maybe you’ve seen the word “hygge,” a Danish Word (pronounced hoo-gah, not hug!), and have it all figured out: You know what it means and have a hygge corner of your office and your house has the aesthetic too. But for those of us who are unsure what to make of this word, hygge means the feeling of quiet comfort; coziness. It’s an aesthetic many people crave, so how can we integrate that cozy, comfortable vibe and add hygge to events and meetings?

Hygge Decor

In décor concepts, hygge is easy to find on a Pinterest board or searching Instagram. It might be represented by a fur rug, soft pillows, ambient lighting (think candles or fairy lights), or a cozy blanket by the fireplace – essentially bringing the outside in. Consider the seating setup and textiles at your event – include soft throw rugs, pillow seating, ambient lighting, and neutral colors.

Hygge Food

Hygge was a concept that refined farm to table. Think natural and sustainable simple foods (heart-warming soups and simple roasts) and meals. Sharing a meal is a significant part of hygge – so consider asking your venue to serve meals family-style during dinner. And hey, if you really want, take a note from IKEA and fancy up some meatballs. Mix up your traditional happy hour pre-dinner cocktails and try a tea-tasting experience (a great way to offer zero-proof beverages!). Provide finger sandwiches, teas, and other cozy drinks. Or integrate a post-dinner hygge gathering with warm pastries and Mulled wine (glogg), hot chocolate, or other warm drinks.

Hygge Down Time
Down Time

One way to create the hygge vibe is to design quiet areas or relaxation lounges within your event. These calm spaces allow people to absorb what they’ve learned or have one-on-one chats with others instead of a mass networking/cocktail extravaganza. Basically, provide some room to breathe.

  • Try instituting a quiet reading time (complete with some of the top recommendations of books available) and make that space comfy. Add some tea or a latte to create a “library comfortable” feeling.
  • Offer a group sunrise walk where people are encouraged to notice their surroundings. These are quiet, leisure activities that people can experience together.

Remember that Hygge is more of a feeling than a set of “things”; it’s a vibe, an aesthetic, a sense of warmth and connection. If done right, an event can certainly give you that warm hygge feeling – that maybe even feels a bit like a hug! Want to learn more about how to add hygge to events? You may consider taking a trip to Denmark to truly experience hygge, where it all started!


Let’s create hygge moments together.